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No matter how long you've been struggling, it is possible to feel better and get back on track. You don't have to stay stuck in overwhelming sadness and worry. There is hope. No one is immune to struggle in relationships, work and school. We all experience times when we need help coping and developing skills to overcome sadness, worry and unhappiness.

We are a team of specialized mental health professionals who help treat individuals, family, teens and young adults.*



Meet our Licensed Psychologists

Dr. Claire Dowdle - Psychologist & Therapist in Boulder, ColoradoDr. Katherine Knight - Psychologist & Therapist in Boulder, ColoradoDr. Nicole Politis - Psychologist & Therapist in Boulder, ColoradoDr. Yvonne DelZenero - Psychologist & Therapist in Boulder, Colorado






*Please be advised that Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Certified and Licensed Addiction Counselors and Registered Psychotherapists are legally prohibited from prescribing medications. Should you wish to obtain medication management services you will work with either a licensed Nurse Practitioner or a Psychiatrist.

Meet our Board Certified Psychiatric Prescribers

Jennifer Lake - Psychiatric Medication Provider in Boulder, Colorado Robert Owens - Psychiatric Medication Provider in Boulder, Colorado

You don’t have to suffer…

Happiness and fulfillment can be found with the right help.
As caring and skilled professionals, we can help you create more satisfaction, harmony and joy.