5 Signs That You Are a Gifted Student

Giftedness among students is something that baffles parents and educators alike. Very Well Family claims that schools who are unable to provide the right environment end up producing underachievers. Gifted children need adequate space, stimulation, and support so that they can continue to develop and hone their talents. When their needs are not accommodated, what makes them promising and unique can all go to waste.

Do you believe that you or your child is gifted?  Consider the following signs:

You are naturally observant and inquisitiveInquisitive Child

The Atlantic described curiosity as a major component of academic excellence. Gifted students tend to pay more attention to detail and wonder about the nature of things. They ask a lot of questions and never seem to be satisfied with the answers they receive. If you have a genuine interest in deepening your understanding of the world, it is characteristic of giftedness.

You have a highly developed vocabulary

Gifted students often speak like adults. They tend to read a lot, understand context, and quickly absorb new words into their vocabulary. It is common for gifted children to be more comfortable talking to adults or intellectuals. They can match advanced language skills that kids their age normally cannot.

You have exceptional memory

Exceptional memory is commonly observed among gifted students. An NCBI study on children with “high-level potentialities” showed they have more advanced information-processing abilities. Their powers of observation train their brain early on to deal with complex situations. As they grow older, they are able to store large quantities of information and recall them at impressive levels. Vivid memories of events from childhood or being able to recite a passage from a book after one glance may be a sign of excellent cognitive skills.

You are a great problem solver

Imaginative ChildGifted students are also wildly imaginative especially when it comes to solving problems. They often tend to go their own route, which some teachers might disapprove of, but thinking outside the box is one of their key skills. This is one of the reasons gifted children commonly pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). They can channel this creativity to find innovative ways around complicated problems to find solutions.

You easily pick up concepts and skills

One more telltale sign of giftedness is the ability learn new ideas and skills quickly and efficiently. In some cases, young children can even learn to read and write on their own! Gifted children are naturally good at most things because they easily pick up skills without much practice. For instance, musical prodigies are often self-taught. When something interests them, they become devoted to it, so much so that they become experts in no time.

Knowing if you or a child is gifted is important because you need to find an environment that best fits their needs. At Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness, we offer evaluations to diagnose learning disorders, giftedness, or twice exceptional (a gifted child with some sort of disability).   For more information on giftedness testing, click here.


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