Adolescent, Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

Adolescent, Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

Life is full of challenges that cannot be avoided. Sometimes those challenges can feel overwhelming, and we don’t know where to turn for advice or support. Adolescent/Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

If you are a Gunbarrel resident and feel discouraged or defeated by everyday circumstances, help is available nearby.

Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness can provide the means to cope with your daily struggles and help you lead a fulfilling life.

Adolescent Therapy

Is your teenager uncooperative, defiant or rebellious?

Are you worried about your adolescent’s anxiety, depression or lack of social connection?

Do you feel like you’re out of options for helping your teenager?

Adolescent/Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

Raising an adolescent can be difficult for anyone. And when teens exhibit behavior problems, get involved with the wrong crowd, or abuse drugs or alcohol, it’s common for parents to blame themselves or wonder what went wrong.

Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness can help. You don’t have to struggle alone.

Instead of getting lost in guilt or self-doubt, engage your teenager through supportive and constructive techniques with the help of a counselor. Counseling can help your troubled adolescent become happier, more cooperative, and confident.

Our approach to psychotherapy can help your teenager overcome negative thoughts, improve focus and self-control, and find greater happiness and fulfillment. We enjoy working with teens and helping them discover who they are, and how they can become the best possible version of themselves.

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Feelings of anxiety and depression can take many forms, and affect millions of people on a daily basis.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Can Include…

  • Lingering, Unexplained Sadness
  • Excessive Worry or Self-Consciousness
  • Fatigue or Lack of Energy
  • Loss of Interest in Everyday Activities
  • Extreme Shifts in Sleep Patterns
  • Trouble Concentrating

If you feel hopeless or trapped by these symptoms, Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness can provide a path back to happiness and health.Adolescent/Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

We are passionate about helping you manage your worries and anxiety so you can experience more joy and peace of mind.

Through successful therapeutic methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, we can help you develop and refine the tools you need to take on life’s challenges with more ease and confidence.

Adolescent, Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Gunbarrel

If you are living with depression or anxiety, or believe that your adolescent will benefit from meeting with a counselor, please call Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness at (720) 577-5819 or contact us via email.