Adult Counseling

Adult Counseling

Are You Ready to Work Through Challenging Issues &  Self-defeating Thoughts?

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Have you struggled with anxiety, depression or trauma in the past? Do you feel yourself experiencing familiar patterns or symptoms of these issues? Are you going through a significant transition, such as divorce, change of job, home or unemployment? Perhaps you’re grieving the loss of a loved one and having a hard time coping with his or her absence from your life. Or maybe you’re having problems in your relationships and wondering how you can improve your interactions and connections with other people. Do you wish you could stop feeling so stressed and overwhelmed? Are you looking for the motivation and insight needed to finally tackle lingering issues and find sustainable, effective solutions to the problems in your life?

There are usually ups and downs in life, or waves of more stressful times and less stressful times. Most of the time, the waves are (hopefully) small enough and far enough apart that you have time to recover between stressful or painful experiences. But, when the waves get too intense or too close together, it’s common to feel overwhelmed, bombarded or lost. You may even feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stress, sadness or desperation.

People Of All Ages & Backgrounds Experience Anxiety, Depression & Trauma

The issues and experiences that cause emotional discomfort or unhappiness are as varied as the people who experience these things. It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of background you come from, life doesn’t discriminate when it comes to challenges.

Sometimes life’s challenges show up through problems in relationships. Perhaps you’re in an unsatisfying relationship and don’t know if you want to stay in it or how to connect with your partner. Or maybe you’ve been through a divorce or a painful breakup and wonder if you’ll ever feel “normal” or happy again. When you’re used to sharing a life with someone, it can feel lonely and depressing to be on your own again.

Career stress is another common cause of anxiety and stress. Perhaps you find it challenging to keep up with pressures at work while still maintaining a life outside of work. Or perhaps you simply dislike your job. You may feel unsatisfied with your career and wish you could do something more meaningful or fulfilling.

Perhaps the most common source of strife for my clients is that they are healthy, intelligent people who have had a major life stressor that they’re not sure how to manage or they’ve simply had too many stressful experiences pile up on them at once. If someone close to you has passed away, you could be experiencing an intense sense of loss and loneliness. You may be worried about your children to the point that it is affecting your own mental health or romantic partnership. In many cases, our clients have unresolved trauma or grief that they need to work through before they can deal with challenges in the present.

Regardless of the source of your unhappiness, there is hope and help available. With the help of a skilled and supportive therapist, you can work through your problems and become the productive, engaged and happy person you want to be.

Individual Adult Counseling Can Help You Work Through Unresolved Issues & Finally Have Peace

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We all bump up against challenges from time to time. And, regardless of the thoughts, feelings and issues that are causing you uncertainty, stress or pain, therapy can provide you with the insight and tools needed to move forward into a more meaningful, productive and connected life.

Individual adult counseling is a process of self-exploration. In sessions, you’ll be able to talk about what’s going on in your life in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can feel heard, understood and supported. We draw from evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy and emotional healing, such as CBT, EMDR and Mindfulness, in individual counseling sessions, and sometimes it helps just to talk through things and deliberately process certain events.

In individual adult counseling you’ll learn coping skills for when life gets too hectic and you’ll learn how to manage the physiological symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma. You can learn tools to manage your emotions, get past difficult experiences and finally make peace with your past. If you have dealt with a painful event or had a traumatic experience, we can help you process difficult feelings and develop clarity about how to move forward.

Sometimes life piles things up on us at a rate we can’t manage. But with the help of a skilled and compassionate therapist, you can find the relief and develop the skills needed to push past challenging issues and cultivate a sense of calmness and confidence. With help, support and a willingness to self-explore, you can create the life you want to be living. You can develop an attitude of acceptance, build self-esteem and learn to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you.

What Clients Are Saying About Adult Counseling Sessions With Us

  • “After my divorce, I felt completely lost and I didn’t know how I’d ever feel like myself again. Dr. Knight helped me put my life back together and let go of the past so I could move forward in the direction I’ve always wanted my life to go.”
  • “I’ve had anxiety all my life and finally came to see Dr. Knight because I realized that it was affecting my career, my marriage and even the way that I was parenting my children. Dr. Knight helped me understand why I had so much anxiety and gave me the tools I needed to manage it so that I can show up more fully at work and at home. My wife and kids have benefited from my work in therapy as much as I have!”
  • “I have a stressful job that’s incredibly demanding and my health was starting to suffer. I wasn’t sure how I’d make time for therapy while working such long hours, but it was one of the greatest investments I’ve made. I’ve learned how to manage my job and other stresses more efficiently and my health has improved significantly.”
  • “I’ve seen a number of therapists over the years and although it was helpful, I never made the progress I wanted to. Therapy with Dr. Knight has changed my life. She’s helped me develop a better relationship with myself and with the world around me. Thank you, Dr. Knight!”

You may be curious about individual adult counseling, but still have some questions or concerns…

My experience is my own inner experience. Since it’s so unique to me, how can someone who hasn’t had that same experience help me?

It’s our job to get to know you and your unique circumstances. While we might never feel exactly what you’re feeling, the goal is for us to understand your perspective, how you’re seeing things and how certain thoughts, feelings and issues are affecting you. Many of our clients say that we have a knack for making people feel heard and understood.

The “fit” with your therapist is very important. If that’s not one of us, we can help you find someone you feel more comfortable talking to. Ultimately, you are the expert on your life. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help you through the process of individual therapy so you can be happy and reach your full potential.

Everyone has problems. I should be able to handle this on my own.

Almost everyone needs help at some point in life. And even though some people may never get individual counseling, that doesn’t mean that managing on their own is always the right choice. Many people struggle with issues their entire life when, with help and support, things could have been much easier.

If nothing else, individual adult counseling gives you the opportunity to talk about what’s going on in your life with someone who is neutral. You may be able to talk to friends and family about your problems —and they may be great listeners—but they probably don’t have the same level of training and expertise that a professional therapist does. Our job is to help you reach your personal goals and get you where you want to be.

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