Anger Management

Anger Management

Frustrated man with hand on his head looking at cell phone Has anger ever built up or flooded you to the point of outbursts, violence, or even health problems like high blood pressure? Do you feel shame, guilt, or perpetual fear about your anger? Intense, prolonged, aggressive anger never appears out of nowhere; it can be a response to trauma, social injustice, frustration, or lack of control. Anger can become a physical response to psychological suffering.

Anger is a natural, sometimes necessary emotion for us as humans. However, if you constantly feel like you have so much anger that you need to hide it from others, that you engage in physical and verbal violence, and that you’ve been reckless with rules, laws, and actions, it may be time to seek professional therapy.

Breaking the Cycle of Anger

Often, these behaviors create a cycle, where you may feel frustration, guilt, or shame about your actions, which in turn make you feel angrier. To break this cycle, our trained therapists will help you recognize environmental and psychological triggers for your anger. Many types of therapy can address anger effectively. Anger treatment usually includes a lot of skill building to help you self-regulate, which may mean breathing exercises, thinking exercises, and goal setting. Anger management can be done in groups or individual counseling. Most importantly, anger management can help your relationships and your sense of well-being.

Can Medication Help?

Woman screaming out of anger Anger outbursts may be masking deeply held anxiety, depression or other psychiatric diagnoses. Numerous medications can help with these concerns. If medication is warranted, our board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and, our psychiatric nurse practitioner will help you determine the appropriate medication for your individual needs. Research shows that psychiatric medication is most effective when paired with psychotherapy, as medication will only mask the symptoms, and therapy can provide you with lifelong skills to manage your anger.

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