Services: How We Can Help


Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety can be so overwhelming that it can affect your whole life, affecting your relationships, your work or school and your sense of well-being. If you have panic attacks, social anxiety, phobia or you feel nervous, tense, stressed out or worried a lot of the time, read more about anxiety treatment and how therapy with an experienced anxiety therapist can help.

Trauma and PSTD

If you’ve had an intense emotional reaction to something you’ve experienced, you might be suffering from trauma. If you have nightmares, intrusive memories, anxiety, trouble focusing, feel isolated, or other symptoms associated with traumatic or stressful life events, therapy with an experienced trauma specialist can help.  If you suffer from any of these symptoms or are struggling with a traumatic event, read  our blog post, “How to Identify Trauma and What You Can Do.

Depression Therapy

Depression can be an all-consuming, lonely experience. It can make you feel like there is no escape from pain and sadness. If you feel completely helpless and hopeless, read more about depression therapy and how an experienced therapist can help.. With the support and guidance of an experienced and compassionate therapist, you can begin to better understand your depression, increase confidence and self-awareness and mitigate and manage the symptoms that are keeping you down, stuck and sad.

Adult Counseling

Most adults will experience something challenging that the need help dealing with at some point in their life. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, trauma or depression, you’re going through a difficult transition or life’s stresses have simply added up enough that you’re having trouble managing them, therapy can help. Most of our adult clients are generally high functioning people who need some support, coping tools or resources to help them get back on track or to help them an achieve an even higher level of happiness and satisfaction in life. Click here to learn more about adult counseling and how therapy can help you.

Young Adult Counseling

Young adulthood can be a very stressful time and most people struggle a bit in one way or another. This part of life is filled with transitions, new and challenging responsibilities, and solidifying who you are as an individual and in the world. This is also a very empowering time in life and it’s when many people first start to realize how important it is to take charge of their own well-being and sense of satisfaction, confidence and happiness in life. Read more about young adult counseling and how an experienced therapist can help you navigate new challenges.

Teen Counseling

If there is any test of a parent’s love, patience or level of compassion, it’s the teenage years. The sweet, affectionate child you raised is suddenly moody, acting out and melodramatic.  Teen counseling sessions can help your teen get clarification about his or her values and how to focus on more healthy, productive ways of being. And as a parent, you can learn how to rebuild trust and connection with your teen. We offer a solution-based approach in our therapy practice, not just talk therapy. Read more about how teen counseling can help your teen survive adolescence and build the skills needed to enter adulthood.

Child and Family Counseling

One in five children suffer from a mental health or learning disorder and 80 percent of chronic mental health disorders begin in childhood. Some children are predisposed to anxiety or depression because of genetics and brain chemistry. If your child isn’t having fun or feeling happy, or if he or she is struggling in school and/or relationships, then it’s likely time to seek help. Early intervention can be key to a child’s long-term well-being. With the help of a qualified child therapist, your son or daughter can discover his or her strengths, get in touch with emotions and develop the self-care skills needed to foster calm and confidence throughout his or her life. Read more about counseling for children or schedule a free 15-minute consultation through our secure Client Portal  to talk about how child or tween counseling could help your child.

Group Therapy

Seeking Safety is a safe, integrative, evidenced-based treatment approach to addressing PTSD, addictions, and the link between the two. Led by trauma specialist, Dr. Nicole PolitisSeeking Safety addresses 25 important topics over the course of 24 weeks in a structured format that provides helpful information, meaningful connections, and practical coping strategies. If you are interested in participating in Seeking Safety group therapy, please contact us for pricing and further details.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Medication can be an important part of treating a variety of conditions. Our board certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will collaborate with primary care physicians and therapists to create a personalized treatment plan. We take the time to get to know you, exploring your symptoms, history and personal goals so we can determine if medication can help you find relief and healing. Learn more about how our psychiatric prescription management specialists can help you understand why you are struggling and determine the best treatment approach for your particular needs. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation or same-week appointment through our secure Client Portal.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

If you’re considering medication for the first time and want to find the most effective medication faster, or if you have tried medications in the past and had bad experiences with them, then pharmacogenetic testing is right for you. Pharmacogenetic testing looks at the key genes in your body’s DNA that affect how you may respond to medication. This can help us understand if a medication is likely to work for you before you even try it. Learn more about pharmacogenetic testing at your next appointment or contact us for more information.

Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing

We offer a broad range of psychological and neuropsychological testing and assessment, including ADHD, diagnostic, and Autism Spectrum evaluations, as well as giftedness and learning disability testing.  If you are interested in learning more about testing packages and processes or the costs of evaluations, please contact us or schedule an appointment today.

Supervision and Consultation

One of our favorite things to do is work with other therapists to help them conceptualize cases, hone their skills and talk through some of the challenging issues that come up in this profession. Even if you are fully licensed, this is a challenging profession and nobody should go it alone. We provide both individual and group supervision and consultation to therapists who are seeking licensure or who are licensed and would like to improve their skills or simply consult with another professional about their clients. Contact us for more information about supervision and consultation with our experienced clinical psychologists.