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Overcoming Loneliness and Social Anxiety

Our society is one with a lot of opportunities for connection. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to chat with friends and family, or even total strangers, with just the click of a few buttons. Websites like are also designed to help people get connected and engage with each other […]

How to Manage Anxiety Triggers During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a fun time to spend with family and friends. Unfortunately, this is isn’t always the case for everyone. For many people, the holidays are busy and stressful which may cause or increase symptoms of anxiety. People who already experience anxiety disorders, social anxiety, or are being treated with anxiety […]

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Coping with Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety? Social anxiety is a common form of anxiety where people may be fearful of some or even all social situations. This could include meeting new people, interviewing for a new job, dating, attending a social event, talking to a server at a restaurant, returning an item to a store, or being […]


7 Ways to Tell Whether Your Teen’s Behavior is Troubled or Typical

Raising a teenager can be a rewarding, though, harrowing experience. Suddenly, your child is making their own decisions, developing an identity and emerging as an adult. Of course, some of their old behavior patterns may still arise at times. How your teen currently faces challenges, reacts to conflict, or manages relationships can inform you of […]


Five Healthy Habits That Alleviate Anxiety & Boost Your Mood

Stress, anxiety, feelings of depression: they can all creep into our lives at some time or another. It could be the demands of work that stress you out, missing time spent with your family that generates sadness, or perhaps a period of great change that creates fear. Fortunately, these emotions are quite normal as long […]


How to Cope When Political and World Events Stress You Out

Life is full of ups and downs where every day can present new challenges to hope, success and happiness. However, every once in a while, we are struck by something more powerful. It can even seem like the world hands out more punishment than we can handle. But, given time and effort and a little […]

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New Year, Old Fears? Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Break Free

The new year can bring us a sense of rebirth and renewed vitality. A time when we can declare a blank slate for our lives—at least for another 12 months. But for those suffering from an anxiety disorder, the new year can look like another 365 days of uncertainty and skepticism. All too often, our […]

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Does Your Spouse/Partner Suffer Anxiety? Do This, Not That

Anxiety is fine in most relationships. Unless it gets in the way. Unless it comes in unexpected waves, ruins your time together, or keeps you from each other. Then, there is nothing fine about it. And if your spouse is suffering from anxiety, the suffering is mutual. The good news is you have the power […]


7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Tame Workplace Anxiety

Alison imagined the judgement in her coworkers eyes as she walked toward her desk. “They’ll probably hate my presentation,” she thought. She could barely catch her breath. Alison lived her work life in fear of leadership, being asked to speak publicly, or being anyone’s “go-to girl.” She kept walking, eyes averted. She set her things at her […]


Understanding Social Anxiety and How to Cope with It

Have you ever wondered if you have social anxiety? Are you frustrated by what happens to your pulse when you think about attending reunions? Do you lie awake at night worrying about being asked to make a presentation at work? Is introducing yourself to someone new reason enough to back out of a room? You’ve […]