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Betrayal Trauma EMDR

Infidelity Hurts: How EMDR Can Help You Move Past the Pain of Betrayal

Infidelity is, unfortunately, a common and profoundly damaging occurrence in intimate relationships. The emotional pain and anxiety it generates have as great an impact as other traumatic life events. In fact, it’s symptoms often mirror the loss of a loved one, exposure to violence, or a severe accident. One of the key differences, however, is […]

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5 Ways To Rebuild When Trauma Changes Everything

Trauma is a taker. It takes your sense of calm, connection, and security. Your sense of well-being can feel very far away. The struggle to make sense of whatever comes next can challenge even the strongest relationships. After all, trauma is so hurtful because it manipulates or strangles the faith you had in someone, something, […]


How to Cope When Political and World Events Stress You Out

Life is full of ups and downs where every day can present new challenges to hope, success and happiness. However, every once in a while, we are struck by something more powerful. It can even seem like the world hands out more punishment than we can handle. But, given time and effort and a little […]


5 Ways Trauma Therapy Can Improve Your Life

Perhaps you’ve spent a good part of your life fearing, hiding, or working around your trauma. If that is the case, trauma therapy may not sound like much fun. In fact, trauma therapy might seem like an unwelcome way to open old wounds or re-experience the very event or events you work hard to keep […]


How to Overcome the Pain of Unresolved Trauma & Reclaim Happiness

Maybe you don’t think about the past. You don’t want it to get in your way. But somehow, underneath it all, there’s something you witnessed, experienced, or heard about pushing peace and happiness just out of reach. A lot of people handle tough times the way you do. But the pain in your past can still make […]


Secondary Trauma: How the Orlando Shooting Affects All of Us

A night out at a popular downtown nightclub was shattered by gunman Omar Mateen on June 12th, 2016. Orlando, once labeled “City Beautiful” is now attached to words like massacre, tragedy, or attack. All these words are becoming far too common leading to more and more trauma. The city, its neighborhoods, even the city’s school […]


Posttraumatic Growth And Why It’s So Powerful

When I was 20, I was a political hostage in Guatemala. The whole ordeal lasted only a few days and I was physically unharmed in any lasting way. However, I was held captive by armed guerillas in the middle of the jungle and had no idea whether I’d live or die. My captors were a […]

Early Childhood Trauma

How Trauma Early in Life Affects Neurodevelopment

Why does early life trauma stay with us? We’re all born with our own set of genetics and those genetics go a long way to defining who we become. However, our genetics interact with the environment around us and that interaction has a profound effect on how our genes end up being expressed. A developing […]


5 Ways Trauma Can Affect Your Relationships

Like everyone, you crave love and human connection. Trauma doesn’t change that. But it definitely complicates the way you see yourself. It colors the way you trust and connect with your friends and loved ones. It hijacks the feelings of safety and attachment you once had. Perhaps your trauma involved betrayal by another person, an […]


The Very Real Connection between Childhood Trauma and Your Life Today

Have you ever wondered why stressful experiences from your childhood still have such a powerful effect on your life and how you interact with the world today? Perhaps you had a single traumatic experience like an illness or a car accident, or perhaps it was something ongoing like a chaotic home environment, bullies at school […]