Parenting Strategies to Reconnect With Your Anxious Teenager

Teenagers today are dealing with an enormous amount of pressure. Juggling a demanding schedule that includes school, studying, extracurricular activities, sports and time with family and friends can be overwhelming for anyone, especially young people who are still trying to figure out who they are and what their values are. Fortunately, specialized teen counseling can help your child.

A mother reached out to us because ANXIETY-TREATMENTher middle school daughter was having an “emotional meltdown”. The mother was very concerned and eager to discuss how she can help her daughter to find balance again. From her perspective, her daughter excelled in every area of her life. She attended a very prestigious school, her grades were at the top of her class, she was well liked by her peers, and an excellent athlete. Everything had always come easily and naturally for her daughter. She described her daughter as an easy-going person who enjoyed life and was generally happy until she entered middle school.

Since then, her daughter has become indecisive and afraid to try new things from fear of failure. She gets nervous easily and assumes that she will not succeed. She also complains that her friends no longer like her and struggles with peer relationships. Recently, her daughter broke down into tears and told her mother that she felt like a failure and that she wasn’t good at anything anymore.

Anxiety & Depression Counselor in Lafayette, CO adolescent anxiety depression counselor louisville Boulder Wellness Psychology Adolescent Anxiety Depression Counselor Therapistadolescent anxiety depression counselor louisville Boulder Wellness Psychology Adolescent Anxiety Depression Counselor Therapist Sleep and Mental HealthHearing her daughter talk about herself this way made her think this wasn’t just a typical phase in her teenage daughter’s life. She sought professional help from Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness so she could better understand how to connect with her child and ensure her that she is and will be happy, safe and successful.

Here are a few of the tips:

Listen and Validate

Act as a good listener. It is important for parents to stop and listen to a child’s thoughts and feelings without trying to give any suggestions, explanations, or hurry to fix the problems.

Build Resilience

Every child needs to be given the opportunity to fail and experience loss and frustrations. Teach your child not to give up on difficult tasks and have perseverance.

Praise Effort

Parents need to send the message to children that their hard work and effort matter more than the end result. It is important to have fun and enjoy the process and not only focusing on winning or losing.

Time Management

Over-scheduled children can suffer from stress. Go over your weekly schedule together and try to balance work and play. Also include downtime into your schedule. Everyone needs quiet time to relax their body and mind.

Pick Your Passion

Focus on what your child enjoys doing rather than trying to encourage them to do everything. It is hard to be good at something when you are working on so many things at the same time.
If you are feeling disconnected from your teen or concerned for their mental wellness, an experienced therapist who specializes in counseling for tweens and teens can help you reconnect with your teenager. Teen counseling sessions can help your teen get clarification about his or her values and how to focus on more healthy, productive ways of being. Your teen can learn how to deal with pressure so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Our practitioners offer parents and teens a solution-based therapy approach to achieve balance and wellness, not just talk therapy.

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