Disappointed woman holding wedding ring in one hand and face in another Making the decision to get a divorce is painful. When you took your vows, you probably never expected that things would end up like this. You married, built a life together, perhaps had children or even grandchildren, but now things have changed. It’s not the relationship that it once was. Maybe it hasn’t been for a long time. Most people do not give up easily on committed relationships, and by the time they are considering a divorce, they may be simply exhausted from trying to make things work.

Are you hurting from the pain of betrayal, or upset that you have failed as a spouse? Perhaps you’ve tried for years to save your marriage. Or maybe you just woke up one day, and something in you said that you had to make a change. You may be feeling confused because you still love your partner, and doubt that this decision is for the best. You might be wondering how a person should navigate this transition and move on with their life? If you have children, you are likely experiencing an additional set of questions and concerns. How will you support your children through this transformation of your family life? What are the best ways to ensure the security of your wellness as a family moving forward?

Find Support While Navigating a Divorce

Counseling can help couples get through many common relationship issues in an effort to stay together. A psychologist or therapist specializing in couples counseling can work with both partners to gain better communication skills, improve family life, and overcome obstacles to intimacy. Marriage counseling may drastically improve your experience of the relationship. In some cases, therapy can set things on a different course for you and your spouse. However, life happens, and no relationship is perfect. If you have exhausted all the methods and are in a place where you have decided to end your marriage, a divorce counselor can support you as an individual – or as a couple – through the transition.

Mother dropping daughter off at fathers home Divorce is a major life change, and like any other major life change, it brings with it the potential for stress. Stress is a normal response to the challenges of daily life. However, some of the symptoms of stress – such as anxiety and depression – can make your waking life feel like a nightmare. You may be staying up late at night, thoughts racing through your head. The responsibilities at work or at home might suddenly feel overwhelming to you. You may find yourself questioning over and over again what the future will hold for you and your family.

Divorce Can Impact Who You Are as a Person

Unfortunately, the symptoms of stress can be difficult to manage, even in the best of circumstances. At a time like this, it’s not unusual for people to rely on drugs, alcohol, or excess food in order to manage stress. And while these choices may appear to offer temporary solutions to stress, coping strategies such as these may have the potential to get in the way of you living a happy, healthy and productive life. Many people seek counseling during a time of major life transition in order to establish more positive coping strategies.

When you are getting a divorce, you are you faced with processing the end of your relationship. It is natural to grieve the loss of your former life. You may find yourself experiencing a wide range of emotions as you begin to let go of the way things were. During this time, you also need to become familiar with your new identity as a single person. It may be impossible to imagine in this moment, but it will be crucial for your healing to develop a strong sense of who are you, separate from the relationship you were once a part of.

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Divorce counseling can help you move forward in a positive way, while grieving the loss of companionship you once had. Whether your relationship ended recently, or several years ago, or you are deciding whether to pursue a divorce, professional divorce counseling can help you navigate these feelings. Counseling can support you in taking steps toward defining a new future for yourself outside of the marriage. Working with a therapist is an opportunity to learn new coping skills and a space for you to receive personalized, expert guidance and support.When you are going through a separation, the future is uncertain, but you do not have to go through this experience alone. Schedule an appointment with a relationship specialist today.

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