Executive & Entrepreneur Therapy

Executive & Entrepreneur Therapy

Are you overwhelmed by your responsibilities and high expectations?

Executive In TherapyDo fear and overwhelm ever override your drive to pursue your passion?

People assume that because you’re at the top, you have everything you could possibly need and you should be happy. As a high-functioning professional, you may appear competent on the outside but feel overwhelmed on the inside.

Maybe the unpredictability of workflow, profit margins, or the economy itself keep you up at night. You might think about quitting more times per day than you’d like to admit and you’re certainly no stranger to imposter syndrome.

Perhaps you have a hard time stepping away from work to focus on your family or hobbies. Or maybe you’ve built a business you don’t love anymore and need guidance on your next steps.

As a leader, you can’t exactly share your fears with your employees though, and there may be no one above you to share your concerns with. You’re supposed to manage the company and the people who sustain it, not the other way around.

Successful business leaders aren’t immune to problems, stress, anxiety, or depression.

CEO’s, startup founders, vice presidents, and entrepreneurs face a tremendous amount of pressure every day. In fact, the responsibilities and stakes are much higher for top-level executives. Business owners may actually face higher levels of depression and other mood disorders than their employees.

The pressures and the isolation that become more common as you climb the ladder create the perfect fuel for anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, to name a few. No one knows more than you do that wealth and success don’t equal happiness and they certainly don’t determine your chemical make-up.

Therapy can help you clear your hurdles and unlock your potential.

Entrepreneurs and executives often have ambitious spirits and relentless drive. At the same time, fears, mental blocks, procrastination, overwhelm, and mood disorders can complicate those aspirations.

Therapy gives you the tools you need to work through those roadblocks so you can fully realize your passion and your potential.

Businesswoman in TherapyIn therapy, you’ll learn how to manage your emotions, set healthy boundaries around work, and live according to your values. For those who struggle to switch out of work mode and fully appreciate the moment, our providers can help you build your mindfulness skills and hold you accountable to unplugged self-care.

If you have concerns about managing your staff or raising morale, your therapist can help you work through roadblocks to successful leadership, communication, and productivity-enhancing skills. Learning effective team-building techniques can lead to higher job satisfaction.

Your therapist can help you dig in to what motivates you and help you identify your purpose to drive productivity. At the same time, they give you that compassionate human connection you can’t get in the office.

You’re already familiar with the path to success, you just need a skilled therapist to give you an objective viewpoint, a fresh perspective to clear that pathway wide open.

Perhaps you can see the value of therapy for entrepreneurs and executives but you’re still wondering about a few things:

What do therapists know about business struggles?

Dr. Knight not only provides therapy, but also runs the practice. She’s intimately familiar with the challenges and advantages of running a business and managing staff. She and the other therapists are also highly trained to help you through the mental and emotional struggles that hold you back from realizing your full potential.

All the psychologists at Stepwell provide the support and perspective you can’t get at work. Even though you’re used to being in charge, you still need someone you know you can turn to. Stepwell is a safe, supportive environment where you can lay out your burdens, know you’re being heard, and make progress toward your goals.

Is going to therapy is a sign of weakness?

Executive In TherapyTherapy is a tool to help you overcome, not admit defeat.  It’s quite common, now more than ever, for business owners to go to counseling. If you’re having problems at work or any other place in our life, the longer you wait to see a therapist, the worse those problems could become. Anxiety and depression, left unchecked, can ripple out and affect your relationships, your wellbeing, and even your physical health. Therapy makes it easier to address those issues before they reach damaging levels. Our goal is to help you build strength in both your business and personal lives.

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