Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Are You Trying to Decide If Family Counseling in Boulder is Right for You?

Family of four receiving Family Therapy in Boulder, CO Every family has its own strengths and challenges. Even stable, happy, and healthy families can feel stress, experience challenges, and feel a need for help beyond the family’s resources.

Is your family going through significant transitions, such as relocation, change of job or school, martial struggles, or divorce? The stresses of the modern environment, work-life balance, and things as simple as the ages and stages of your children can create new challenges that require professional therapy help to resolve.

Are you finding your family in a situation that has a lot of conflict in it?

Families of All Backgrounds Benefit From Therapy…Even Happy and Healthy Families Face Challenges

Deciding whether family therapy is right for a family can be a big decision. While it may feel initially like admitting failure or defeat, choosing family counseling is a big step forward. Families come to therapy to understand themselves and gain clarity through connection. Think of family counseling as adding new tools to your family’s relationship toolbox. Learn new ways to communicate, work through problems, resolve issues, discipline, and relate to one another.

Simple stressors on family life such work-life balance, changes in behavior, or unexpected events can put pressure on healthy family relationships.

Two asian parents arguing over child's homework Is your family experiencing a “communication breakdown?” Are family members withdrawing from family life, and you are finding it harder to communicate or you are experiencing the “silent treatment” more often than usual? Do you feel a family member’s behavior is changing and they are becoming distant or estranged? Has a family member expressed feelings of helplessness or hopelessness? Do members of your family exhibit extreme emotion reactions, including excessive anger, fear, sadness, depression or other emotional reactions?

For young families with children, early intervention with behavioral issues can be the key to a child’s long-term well-being and the health of your family. Are you and your family affected by behavioral challenges? You’re not alone: One in five children suffer from a mental health or learning disorder and 80 percent of chronic mental health disorders begin in childhood. Some children are predisposed to anxiety or depression because of genetics and brain chemistry. If your child isn’t having fun or feeling happy, or if he or she is struggling in school and/or relationships, it’s likely time to seek help. With the help of our qualified family therapists in Boulder, we will help your child build a healthy, life-long relationship your family that helps your son or daughter build trust, discover his or her strengths, get in touch with emotions and develop the self-care skills needed to foster calm and confidence throughout his or her life.

Has your family experienced a traumatic event and some family members are having trouble coping? A death in the family, divorce or separation, or other difficult news that comes to light can be difficult for members of your family to process and cope with. The psychiatric providers and psychologists that lead our Boulder counseling practice have deep knowledge and experience in helping walk families through their experience, find understanding and peace, and adjust to the new reality.

Substance abuse can also be a stressor on family life and family relationships, and it will take a serious toll on families if not treated properly. While more common with families with teens or young adults, substance abuse can affect all ages and should always be immediately addressed with professional counseling.

Family Counseling With Our Boulder Therapists Can Help You Resolve Your Most Important Family Issues

Every family has a story to tell. When they come to Stepwell, it’s our role to listen and hear them. We want to empower our clients to continue to write their story with a positive ending.

We provide a safe, non judgmental place where we help families examine their behaviors, relationships, and beliefs about themselves to implement change and build trust. We recognize that individuals are a web of interconnected issues, whether it they be physical, mental, emotional, or lifestyle related, and that every family is unique. Our experts will find the right therapy resolution for you.

Therapy from our expert Boulder psychiatric providers and psychologists draws from evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy, including CBT, EMDR, and Mindfulness.  Our therapists treat the whole person, strengthening and repairing family relationships and building a healthy and happy future together as a family.

You may be wondering if family counseling could help you, too, but still have some questions or concerns…

Every family has problems. We should be able to handle ours.

We all experience ups and downs. There are times when even stable, happy, and healthy families need help. While we might never feel exactly what your family is feeling, the goal is for us to understand your perspective, how you’re seeing certain things, and how certain thoughts, feelings, and issues are affecting you. Many of our clients say that we have a knack for making people feel heard and understood.

My family’s experiences are too complicated or unique to solve.

Life is complicated. Thankfully, our Boulder counseling and therapy professionals are dedicating to working with you to come to an understanding with and resolve your family’s most difficult challenges.

The “fit” with your therapist is very important. If that’s not one of us, we can help you find someone you feel more comfortable talking to. Ultimately, you are the expert on your life. Whenever you’re ready we’re here to help you through the process of individual therapy so you can be happy and reach your full potential.

Family counseling is not in our budget.

It may seem like therapy is expensive, but consider the costs of your family continuing to struggle as you are now. What is more important than your family? If issues are unaddressed, family relationships can deteriorate beyond repair and other aspects of life, such as careers or education, can be affected. Family therapy may be the most important decision you ever make. Our Boulder therapists and clinicians will provide you with the level of understanding and care your family needs to work through its issues and provide the expertise to find resolutions for your family and build a happy, healthy future.

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