Group Therapy

Group Therapy

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is often done in addition to individual therapy, but in some cases, our providers may recommend group therapy over individual therapy, depending on the nature of your goals and concerns.

Group therapy sessions are led by one of our specialized therapists in groups of six to right diverse people who meet to share, learn and provide support. Each group will have a specific focus and may be more or less structured depending on the topic and the nature of the group.

Group therapy might initially sound intimidating, but research has shown that that group therapy is a rewarding and beneficial practice, providing a network of support and aiding recovery. A group therapy format has several advantages:


A therapy group consists of people experiencing different stages of the treatment process you are embarking on. Seeing people who are further along in their recovery can give other members who are just starting the process hope and a vision for their own recovery process. You may feel like you are in recovery alone, but you are not alone in your journey to wellness when you participate in group therapy sessions.


Every member in a group therapy session will have a different personality, background and journey. That means each member looks at a situation in a different way or from another perspective. By understanding how other people handle problems similar to yours, you can quickly add a whole range of new strategies for facing your own challenges.


Sharing your feelings and experiences with a group of people, especially with a group of people united in a common goal, can help relieve pain, guilt, and stress. Group therapy is an emotionally rich environment where you can know you are not alone in the challenges you face.

Cost Efficiency

Because our providers can treat several patients at a time in a group therapy setting, we are able to offer a reduced hourly rate. The cost of group therapy can be a fraction of the cost of individual therapy treatment. Please contact our office at 720-577-5819 if you would like to know more about the pricing of our group therapy options.

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You can read more about our current group therapy option, Seeking Safety. Still have questions about group therapy? We can discuss your specific situation and whether group therapy might benefit you. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a group therapy specialist through our secure Client Portal or contact us.