Issues We Treat

Issues We Treat


Anxiety is very common — pretty much everyone experiences it on some level. But, when normal anxiety crosses the line into heightened anxiety it can create problems in all aspects of your life. But, there is help and hope. With the help of a compassionate and experienced therapist, you can better understand your anxiety, learn healthy ways to cope with stress and experience calm, confidence and balance in your life. Schedule an appointment with an anxiety specialist today. 


Trauma therapy can help you feel calmer, more in control and more self-confident. When needed, you can learn a whole new way of interacting with others and the world, which can make you feel safer and more secure. You don’t have to stay stuck in your trauma or bad memories. Trauma therapy can help you move on from what happened and have the life you want. Schedule an appointment with a trauma specialist today.


Even if you feel completely helpless and hopeless, depression treatment can help. With the support and guidance of an experienced and compassionate therapist, you can begin to better understand your depression, increase confidence and self-awareness and mitigate and manage the symptoms that are keeping you down, stuck and sad. Schedule an appointment with a depression specialist today.


Panic attacks can feel isolating, but they are more common than most people think. Panic is a form of anxiety and it is a biological and psychological response to fear, often fear of the unknown or to something in the environment. Panic attacks are highly treatable. Therapy sessions with our anxiety specialists will help you understand the symptoms of panic better while learning to both tolerate and reduce them. Often panic attacks resolve after only a few sessions, though everyone is different and some people will need longer-term therapy. Schedule an appointment with a panic specialist today.


Bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain that causes extreme changes in mood. These mood swings consist of highs and lows in emotion, energy and how you perceive your life. Bipolar disorder isn’t always to blame for these symptoms, so it’s important to be evaluated by a qualified mental health professional if you’re experiencing them as the right diagnosis is essential to receiving the right treatment. Psychotherapy, and sometimes also medication, can help enormously. Schedule an appointment with a bipolar specialist today.


ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder, meaning that brain development in people with ADHD is different from those without it. There are both structural and functional differences that can be seen with brain imaging. The good news about this is that ADHD brains develop along the same path as non-ADHD brains, but certain brain structures develop more slowly. The brain is like a muscle in the sense that the parts of the brain used more often will become strengthened so treatment that helps kids and adults use their brains in a more typical way could potentially help to rewire or improve the developmental trajectory.  This could include therapy and/or medication. Schedule an appointment with an ADHD specialist today.


Grief is a natural emotional process that is the result of loss. When you lose someone or something close to you, it’s normal to feel sad. Grief counseling can help you find hope again. Grief counseling can also help you develop new ways to function following the loss of a loved one.  With the support of a trained therapist, you can begin to rebuild a life that is more joyful and satisfying. It is possible to find yourself again, and live your best life, even after grief. If you are struggling from a painful loss, grief counseling can help you get back on your feet. Schedule an appointment with a grief specialist today.

Anger Management

Intense, prolonged, aggressive anger never appears out of nowhere; it can be a response to trauma, social injustice, frustration, or lack of control. Anger can become a physical response to psychological suffering. Often, these behaviors create a cycle, where you may feel frustration, guilt, or shame about your actions, which in turn make you feel angrier. To break this cycle, our trained therapists will help you recognize environmental and psychological triggers for your anger. Numerous medications can also help with these concerns. If medication is warranted, our board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and, our psychiatric nurse practitioner will help you determine the appropriate medication for your individual needs. Schedule an appointment with an anger management specialist today.


Codependency is a focus on another person, to the detriment of one’s self. People who are codependent are controlled to an unhealthy degree by their relationships. Because codependent habits are often ingrained from childhood, codependency can feel totally normal. Recognizing that something is wrong is your first step toward a better life. With the support of a psychotherapist, you can begin to learn how to put your own needs first, while maintaining healthy connections with other people. You can learn how to say “no”. You can begin to truly care for yourself, and gain confidence in your ability to make choices that positively impact your future. Schedule an appointment with a relationship specialist today.


Counseling can help couples get through many common relationship issues in an effort to stay together. A psychologist or therapist specializing in couples counseling can work with both partners to gain better communication skills, improve family life, and overcome obstacles to intimacy. Marriage counseling may drastically improve your experience of the relationship. In some cases, therapy can set things on a different course for you and your spouse. However, life happens, and no relationship is perfect. If you have exhausted all the methods and are in a place where you have decided to end your marriage, a divorce counselor can support you as an individual – or as a couple – through the transition. Schedule an appointment with a relationship specialist today.


Relationship counseling can help any two (sometimes more) people work on their relationship challenges. Mothers and children, fathers and brothers, and sometimes even best friends have used relationship counseling to break unhealthy cycles and make long-lasting changes in their relationships. Relationship counseling focuses both on the individuals and the relationship itself. And, not surprisingly, relationships tend to improve when each person learns more about himself or herself and can take that learning into the relationship. Therapy can help you connect with parts of yourself that need nourishment and look at the reciprocal nature of your relationships. Schedule an appointment with a relationship specialist today.


We offer treatment for insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Insomnia often co-occurs with other mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Cognitive and Behavioral strategies are extremely effective for treating insomnia and other sleep related disorders, which we are proud to offer here at Stepwell. By improving sleep through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, symptoms of depression and anxiety tend to improve as well. We have a holistic treatment model, and we believe that improving one’s sleep quality and quantity is a fundamental aspect of healing. Schedule an appointment with a licensed therapist today.

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