Learning Disorder & Giftedness Evaluations

Learning Disorder & Giftedness Evaluations

Gifted Child

Does your child appear to be bored in school? Are they underperforming? Have you noticed they struggle to find commonalities with peers? Are you looking to enroll your kiddo in a gifted school or program? Learning Evaluations are often required to move ahead with private schools or set your child up with the accommodations they might need for a learning disorder.

At Stepwell Mental Health, we offer evaluations to diagnose learning disorders, giftedness, or twice exceptional students.

Testing and learning evaluations can be extremely beneficial:

  • Children are sometimes perceived as being lazy when they could have an underlying learning disorder.
  • Precocious children can mask disorders by using adaptive strategies or an expansive vocabulary.
  • Giftedness testing can explain why children may underperform in school or have interpersonal difficulties.
  • If your child has a learning disorder, giftedness, or qualify under both areas (twice exceptional), recommendations will provide academic direction and help the student to achieve to their full potential.

For more information on learning disorder testing, click here.  For more information on giftedness testing, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about our testing services, please contact us to learn more about the testing packages and processes or the costs of evaluations.