Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

About Our Providers

We are a team of specialized mental health professionals providing integrative, whole person care to individuals, couples and families. Our providers are passionate about helping you meet your own personal goals, whether with therapy, medication or a combination of both.

Our board certified psychiatric prescribers and licensed psychologists work together to bring you the highest possible quality of care. We provide a safe, confidential environment where you can meet with our therapists and prescribers to assess your needs and develop a strategic, personally tailored treatment approach.

Our approach is holistic. Our integrative services focus on optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit using solution-based techniques. Our highly trained providers rely on techniques that are supported by clinical research and tailored your specific needs and goals.

We believe true happiness is possible and would be honored to help you experience more of it. If you are ready to take the next steps in achieving wellness, contact us or log in to our secure client portal to schedule an appointment.

About Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness, PC

Dr. Katherine Knight is the founder of Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness, PC, and Boulder Wellness Psychology, PLLC, an independent health practice. The name Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness was inspired by her travels to India. She has been providing therapy and mental health services since 2008, successfully helping adults, adolescents and their families.

Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness, PC, is a mental healthcare Master Services Organization, an organization that blends the specialties of a variety of independent mental health professionals. All professionals at Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness, PC are independent contractors and independent mental healthcare professionals with their own practices. They are not employees of Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness, PC.

Meet Our Therapists

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