Niwot Anxiety & Depression and Adolescent Therapy

Niwot Anxiety & Depression and Adolescent Therapy

Welcome to Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness.

Do you feel unhappy or dissatisfied with your life?

Are you overwhelmed with worry or sadness that you can’t explain?

Would you like to discover a level of happiness that seems out of your reach?

It’s time to set yourself free from the emotional pain and mental obstacles that are holding you back. Choose Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness, and choose a joyful, fulfilling life.

Anxiety & Depression Counseling

Approximately 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety disorders and depression. These feelings can be draining and even dangerous if you lack the proper tools to cope with them.

Niwot Anxiety & Depression and Adolescent TherapySymptoms of anxiety and depression can include an ongoing, unexplained sadness; chronic fatigue; excessive worry; lack of interest in everyday activities; and extreme shifts in sleeping patterns.

Depression and anxiety are not the result of a personal failure or character flaw. These signs can be caused by issues ranging from brain chemistry to a tragic loss or trauma, and managing the symptoms often requires professional assistance.

You don’t have to struggle alone. Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness can help.

We believe in a collaborative, supportive style of therapy that will lead you on a path to happiness and fulfillment. With proven treatment methods like Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other coping strategies, we will address your unique needs with an individualized plan designed to help you through life’s challenges.

Please call Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness at (720) 577-5819 or send us an email to schedule your first appointment.

Adolescent Therapy

Even the most well-intentioned parents can struggle with raising an adolescent.

Niwot Anxiety & Depression and Adolescent TherapyDespite your best efforts, teenagers can fall victim to the persuasive power of their peers, the culture at large or their own hormones. This can lead to poor choices or behavior problems with long-term consequences, especially if corrections are not made quickly.

By choosing Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness, you will have a committed partner to help your teen turn away from negative influences, depression or anxiety.

Bringing your adolescent back from a troubled mindset might be easier than you think. Many patients and families find that after just a few sessions, teens feel better about themselves and begin to restore relationships that seemed all but impossible before.

Niwot Anxiety & Depression and Adolescent Therapy

If you are a Niwot resident and are concerned about depression or anxiety, or believe that your adolescent could benefit from speaking with a counselor, please email Stepwell Mental Health and Wellness to schedule an appointment or call (720) 577-5819.