Psychological Testing & Evaluations

Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluations

All testing is completed by a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in testing and assessment.  We do not use psychometrists or assistants to help with administration, scoring or report writing.

ADHD and Learning Evaluations

Have you been struggling to focus on your school work? Do you often find yourself distracted or unable to complete tasks you set out to do? Do you wonder if you have an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed learning or attention issue that is getting in the way of your success at work or at school? Have you ever wondered if you have ADD or ADHD?

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Giftedness and Learning Disability Testing

Does your child appear to be bored in school? Are they underperforming? Have you noticed they struggle to find commonalities with peers? Are you looking to enroll your kiddo in a gifted school or program?

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Autism Spectrum Evaluations

Have you noticed that you or your child have been struggling with maintaining interpersonal relationships, understanding social cues or difficulty engaging in conversation? Do you find that you or your child are overly sensitive to lights, smells, or sounds? Do you or your child have a strong interest in one area? Has a medical provider or teacher indicated that Autism may be a concern?


If you’d like to learn more about our testing services, please contact us to learn more about the testing packages and processes or the costs of evaluations.

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Diagnostic Evaluations

Have you been struggling with your mental health? Are you hoping to receive an accurate diagnosis so that you can find appropriate treatment options? Or perhaps you are concerned about the validity of a past diagnosis?

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