Young couple being playful in park There might not be a more powerful force, a more important element to our lives than our relationships. People we love, care about, share space and time with, work with, and are related to affect us just as we affect them. Relationships go through their own life cycles. Birth, adolescence, and maturity all happen when two people share an emotional bond. Relationships are ever-changing.

Perhaps you feel there’s a communication breakdown in your relationship? Maybe there’s too much talking and it’s going nowhere, or there’s silence that speaks volumes? No matter how difficult your relationship might be feeling, we know how important it is to you, and we’d like to help.

Relationship counseling can help any two (sometimes more) people work on their relationship challenges. Mothers and children, fathers and brothers, and sometimes even best friends have used relationship counseling to break unhealthy cycles and make long-lasting changes in their relationships.

Healthy Boundaries & Communication

True relationships include flaws, struggles, and disagreements. Arguments are normal, and actually part of a healthy relationship because it means communication lines are, at the very least, open. However, persistent conflict, tension, bickering, and fighting can not only harm the relationship, but can also pain the parties involved.

Biracial couple sitting on couch embraced while receiving therapy Boundaries are vital to having healthy relationships. Sometimes opening yourself up allows for moments of true intimacy and connection. Other times, holding some of yourself back allows you to live your own life, separately from the people with whom you have intimate relationships. We often take what we learned from our early caretakers and our past relationships into our current relationships and others do as well.  This can lead to a mismatch in communication styles or sometimes unhealthy interactions or expectations based on what we learned from our past experiences.  In some cases, co-dependent relationships may manifest from years of feeling that certain emotional needs were never met. Co-dependency can create challenges inside as well as outside of the relationship.

Similarly, if two people care about one another but are struggling to connect effectively, this too can create challenges. A relationship is a living thing that deserves to be nurtured, taught, and supported. When relationships become stagnant, overworked, or ill, therapy can help.

Counseling Can Help Navigate Relationships

Relationship counseling focuses both on the individuals and the relationship itself. It aids relationship functioning on emotional and cognitive levels simultaneously. And, not surprisingly, relationships tend to improve when each person learns more about himself or herself and can take that learning into the relationship. Therapy can help you connect with parts of yourself that need nourishment and look at the reciprocal nature of your relationships.

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