How We Work

How We Work

Boulder Wellness Psychology Adolescent Anxiety Depression Counselor TherapistOur approach to mental health care is holistic. Our integrative services focus on optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit using solution-based techniques. Our highly trained providers rely on techniques that are supported by clinical research and tailored your specific needs and goals.

For some individuals, psychiatric medication in addition to psychotherapy is the treatment combination that works best.
In these cases, our licensed clinical psychologists will work with our psychiatric  nurse practitioners in a collaborative approach to treatment.

Our providers are passionate about helping you meet your own personal goals, whether with therapy, medication or a combination of both. We are approachable, supportive and compassionate. We encourage you to guide the healing process, but will also provide direction when we think it will be helpful to you.

Therapeutic Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT has a great deal of research support and is considered one of the most powerful approaches for treating depression, anxiety, and a number of other concerns. The concept behind CBT is that what we think affects how we feel.

Therefore, CBT helps you overcome negative thoughts and beliefs, and develop new, more positive thoughts and beliefs that you actually buy into. CBT is helpful for many issues including anxiety and depression in adults and teens. Changing the way you think and believe can often help you feel better.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

Mindfulness is another counseling approach that has increasing research support. It is useful for treating concerns related to mood, anxiety/worry, attention/focus, impulsivity, and self-control, among other things.

One major goal of mindfulness is to be more focused and grounded in the present moment. When you are more grounded in the present, you become less likely to worry about past or future experiences so you can be more effective in dealing with the present. Mindfulness may also help you feel calmer, stronger, more patient and happier. It can improve focus and attention span and reduces stress, worry and self-criticism.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR an evidence-based therapy is used for the treatment of trauma symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and somatic symptoms. EMDR is based on the idea that trauma and other psychological distress come from incomplete processing of traumatic or upsetting experiences. This treatment approach is geared toward helping people fully process and integrate disturbing memories and experiences so that they no longer have so much power over people’s lives and emotions. For more information, visit

Other Approaches

Depending on your unique needs and goals, we also use various other techniques such as relaxation training, trauma processing, anger management techniques, behavioral therapy, various types of family therapy, guided mastery for fears and phobias, coping strategies and attachment theory (looking at how early attachments to caregivers affects your life today).

Psychiatric Medication Management

Many mental health disorders and symptoms are related to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Medication can be an important part of treating a variety of conditions, from ADHD and chronic illness to stress, anxiety, trauma and depression. But, it is not right for everyone.

At Stepwell Mental Health & Wellness, our board certified psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner have years of experience treating mental health and psychiatric conditions. They work with you to help you understand why you are struggling and determine the best treatment approach for your particular needs. Whether you would benefit from medication, therapy or a combination of the two, it is possible to find a path to a happier, calmer and more satisfying life.

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We are committed to offering the best service possible. Our goal is to help you create a life that you feel good about, and to help you become stronger to face the challenges that life throws at you. If our approach to therapy looks like it would be a good fit for you, may schedule an appointment or free 15 minute consultation with one of our providers through our secure Client Portal or contact us.