Young Adult Counseling

Young Adult Counseling

Are You Having a Hard Time Transitioning to Adulthood?

Young woman distancing herself from social groupAre you a young person who’s living on your own for the first time? Perhaps you’ve moved away to go to college and are living in a dorm, with roommates or in your own apartment. Maybe you’re struggling with how to manage your time, household and pay your own bills or how to manage your school schedule. Or maybe you’re having a hard time deciding what they want to do with your life or study in school. It might feel like other people your age have it all figured out already and that you’re floundering and falling behind, but many young adults are experiencing the same thing that you are. Are you having trouble with your relationships, including friends, family or significant others, and wondering what you can do to improve them? Do any of these issues make you feel out of focus and you wish that you were working toward a goal, rather than feeling like you’re just living day to day?

The young adult years can be especially challenging. You’re technically an adult, but turning 18 doesn’t always coincide with the desire to “grow up” and take on adult responsibilities. You might feel torn between wanting to do all the fun things you did in high school, but also crave more freedom, life meaning and responsibility. Let’s face it: being an adult is hard and it’s not always fun. Making the transition into adulthood can be tricky for even the most well adjusted young person.

Being An Adult Isn’t Easy…Or Familiar

Young adulthood is a time of tremendous growth and change for most people. You start to learn what it’s like to be treated as an adult, who you are and what you like and want to do without your family’s daily influence. For the first time, you may be grappling with what you expect and will tolerate from people while simultaneously trying to figure out what you do and don’t want out of life. It’s up to you to establish your own boundaries and standards.

Even if you know exactly what you want as a 24-year-old, that may look completely different in your 30s, and it most certainly feels different than it did at 18. You may have thought you’d never want to go back to school, but now you do. Or perhaps you’ve started a lengthy degree program and are now realizing your chosen path of study is not the direction you want to go in or you’re simply struggling with the pressures to keep up. Or, perhaps your life circumstances no longer fit your original plans. You may have become a parent or encountered any number of life challenges that require some life reassessment.

Many people feel inner turmoil for the first time during young adulthood. Now that you have more mature responsibilities to manage, you may suddenly be experiencing anxiety, depression or low-self esteem. You may have doubts about succeeding in school or in your ability to achieve the professional or academic recognition that you want.

If you’re not in school, you may feel caught up in work life and wonder what you’re missing or if there are better career options you should be pursuing. It can be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting to work at a job you find unfulfilling. As a young adult, you’re likely being forced outside your comfort zone as you begin to accumulate life experience, and that’s not always fun.

You might also be having difficulty in your personal relationships. You could be in an unhealthy romantic relationship and be confused about how to get out. Or, you may want to find a partner, but not know how to navigate the dating scene. You might fear intimacy or have social anxiety. Or worse, you may have experienced something traumatic that is keeping you from really connecting. It can also be tricky being away from your family for the first time. Your parents may want to maintain some amount of control in your life and that could be a source of conflict for you.

Many people in these situations resort to substance abuse or other unhealthy behaviors to numb the pain. But, there is hope. No matter what your personal struggles entail, a skilled and compassionate therapist can be of great help during this time.

Young Adult Counseling Can Help You Build Confidence, Balance & a Clear Path Forward

Young adults celebrating New Years Eve with hats, masks and champagneMost people struggle at least a little during their young adult years. If you’re having growing pains, you are most certainly not alone. In young adult counseling sessions, we can work on gaining clarity on who you are becoming, what you want from life and what you need to do to turn your dreams and goals into realities.

In safe, confidential young adult counseling sessions, we can help you learn to manage your everyday life with more focus and ease. You can learn coping skills for when times get stressful and begin to break down goals into manageable, attainable pieces. When you begin meeting goals, self-esteem improves and you can experience the confidence needed to take bigger steps forward. We can also help you work through underlying issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Young adult counseling can help you learn to manage your emotions so that you feel calmer, happier and more in control of your life. In sessions, you can speak freely and openly as you talk through your issues in a way that can help you figure things out and come up with workable solutions. We don’t just listen — we’ll troubleshoot together. If you’re lost and not quite sure what you want out of life, we can give you ideas and exercises that will help you start figuring it out. We’ll also provide skills and coping tools that will help you manage the challenges life sends your way.

It’s totally normal to feel uncertain and even a little scared during this stage of life. And even if you think all your friends have everything figured out, in reality they’re probably experiencing the very same angst that you are. Personal growth is a natural and healthy process, especially in young adulthood. After all, if you never question what you want out of life, you might end up going down a path that is totally wrong for you. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem are also common issues that can be treated — and conquered — with the help of a skilled therapist. With help and compassionate support, you can get past whatever issues are holding you back and become the happy, healthy and successful person you want to be.

What Clients Are Saying About Young Adult Counseling Sessions

  • “For the first time in my life, I feel like I know what I want from life and I know how to make it happen!”
  • “As a full-time student who is also working almost 40 hours a week, I felt so stressed out all the time.  Even though I didn’t know how I’d find time for therapy, I’m so glad I did!  Dr. Knight has helped me organize my time, feel less stressed and I feel so much calmer and happier than I used to.”
  • “I moved to Colorado for college and I didn’t know anyone. It was then that I realized how crippling my anxiety was because I was so far outside my comfort zone. Dr. Knight taught me how to manage my anxiety and even use it to my advantage so now I’m doing better in school, making more friends and feeling much more satisfied by the relationships in my life.”
  • “I was sexually assaulted my freshman year of college, but I was too afraid to report it. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened and it seemed to eat into every aspect of my life. Dr. Knight helped me deal with my trauma, fear and shame about the experience so I’ve been able to take control of my own life back.”   

You may be wondering if young adult counseling could help you, too, but still have some questions and concerns…

Everyone has problems. I should be able to manage this on my own.

Even though other people might seem like they have it all together, more people than you realize have struggled just like you. You may think it makes you stronger to handle everything on your own, but in reality you are stronger when you are better equipped to handle life. We can help you gain tools to get ahead of your issues so you don’t have to waste any more time floundering.

I’m so busy with work and school. How can I fit young adult counseling in my schedule?

If you can prioritize therapy, which doesn’t take much time (typically one hour a week), you can learn skills to more effectively juggle all the things that are going on in your life. You can learn to manage your time better, so that the rest of your obligations don’t feel as stressful and time-consuming.

I can’t afford young adult counseling.

It may seem like therapy is expensive, but consider the costs of continuing to struggle as you are now. Down the road, it could become even more costly if you don’t have these things figured out. Your problems could prevent you from getting a job or succeeding at work, school or in your relationships. Getting a handle on pressing issues during your young adult years is an important investment in a healthy future.

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